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THE MAWOUDIT FOUNDATION is a non-government, non-political and non-profitable organization founded in 2018 to promote girl-child education, Advocating for environmental protection, Renewable energy, providing sports clothes, scholarship, child sponsorship, and helping poor people in South Sudan.

Our Mission Statement

To bring better change to the extremely poor.

Our Vision

To transformed communities by bringing better change through technology and education.

Mawoudit Foundation three core values

  • Respect: affirms treat all people with equal respect and as potential contributors and donors as well

  • Dedication: dedicated obligation and effective commitment to serve to promote the inclusion of knowledge, skills and socio-economical of every individual, poor, and vulnerable/marginalized people in the society, no boundaries to serve man and women.

  • Accountability: Transparency and accountability within the organization spheres and among the three-domain of the society (the state, private sector and civil society) and International community as well.

Our Work


Prioritizing clean energy protects our health, climate and air. The Mawoudit foundation clean energy initiative that will benefit the local community through the installation of solar power energy at primary health care units (PHCUs) and addressing global warming as well. We help communities fight dangerous fossil fuel by providing solar panel and battery that they will use as the source of electricity and also combating climate change. And we collaborate with other national or international organizations to promote a global vision for an accelerated transition to a clean energy future. Our organization also partakes in planting of trees as trees help to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. They also reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves.


Majak Ghoi’s girl secondary school & Deng Maker primary school
The Mawoudit foundation has designated Majak Ghoi girl’s high school. The school is located in Majak Ghoi Village of Aweil South County, Northern Bhar El Ghazal state. This school will focus on sciences and career training as MF aim to involve girls in sciences. The school directly follows the curriculum and the syllabus of the Ministry of General Education and Instruction from form 1- 4. Deng Maker primary school was founded in 2019 and is private, an independent non-denominational primary school. It’s the one of primary school in South Sudan being recognized by both the National ministry of General Education and Instructions and the state ministry of Education in the Republic of South Sudan. Deng Maker Primary School is located in Majak Ghoi, Aweil South County and the primary school provides education to over 500 pupils from Baby Class (2-3 years old) up to primary five. This primary school receives zero funding from the government. DM primary school is among the best primary school in Majak Ghoi village that committed to deliver quality education despite the lack of school still operating under trees.

Child Sponsorship

The Mawoudit Foundation does sponsor children whose families have financial background disadvantage and also those who lost their parent but have a strong academic records background.
Child Sponsorship goes a long way in ensuring that kids are able to access good education, clean water, food and clothing as they grow into adulthood.


The Mawoudit Foundation involves both colleges and university students especially the poor, Disable persons and poorest families will be supported as subsidizing for their university cost fee toward completing their studying at Bachelor or Master degrees. The organization also offer a fully-funded scholarship if resources are enough to cover all the basic needs for students.

WASH Project

We provide access to clean drinking water for the local population in the rural areas and also schools. We aim to let the local community have access to clean water to reduce the occurrence of water-related diseases in the villages.

Environmental Protection

The Mawoudit Foundation believes that protecting the environment and its natural resources that it the only way of reducing global warming and greenhouse carbon emission. We do organize the cleanup campaign in the city and major towns of South Sudan as part of environmental protection.

Sanitary Pads

We distribute sanitary pads to young girls in the schools that are situated in the rural areas to keep them in the schools.
As you probably know, young needy girls will often share their sanitary towels (usually scrap cloth) with their mothers or other women in the household. Of course they are washed thoroughly between uses, but venereal diseases can be transmitted through sharing in spite of that.

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